Weekly Wrap-Up: Civil War presentations

It was our last American History Club meeting for the year this week. We all enjoyed ourselves and will be continuing the book club next year, with different time periods. We’ve pretty much been done with school, with this one last activity hanging over our heads (since the kids had to present on their Civil War topic of choice). Miss Adventure decided to talk about how slaves worked and lived. It was tricky finding her an appropriate book (she is only eight), but I was pleased with To Be a Slave by Julius Lester. I reviewed the book earlier this week if you want more details.

Mr. Curiosity wanted to do a Civil War battle. After flipping through The Civil War Chronicle, he finally settled on Antietam. This book was a great book to just open randomly and read. It had lots of pictures and illustrations, and provided information on everything from the people to the places of the Civil War. It’s not really meant to be read cover to cover, as there isn’t much narrative, but lots of information.

The other book Mr. Curiosity and I have been reading is the latest Schlock Mercenary book, The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse. Excellent as always. It made me laugh out loud every couple of pages, and I had a hard time putting it down, when I could get it out of the grubby hands of my child.

Happiness is a new Schlock book.

Happiness is a new Schlock book.

Mr. Curiosity celebrated by rereading all the other books in the series (this is the tenth, and I own all of the others). This time I was smart and made him pay half to buy the book.

Next week the kids will be at camp, so there will be lots of running about, but very little reading. All kinds of summer fun.Weekly-Wrap-Up


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