Book lengths

As I’m getting more book reviews up, the ability to sort the reviews usefully is becoming more and more important. One method of sorting that I’m starting to realize might be useful is the length of the book. So, I’m going to lay out a couple of book length categories that I’ll be using from now on (and I’ll gradually go back and add these to all my old posts as well).

Short stories are less than 30 pages long.

A novelette is 30-70 pages long.

A novella is 70-200 pages long. Normally it’s up to 160 pages, but anything under 200 pages seems short to me so I’m including it in the novella length. Kids books count as novellas if they end up in this page count.

A novel is anything 200 pages or longer. I’m not going to label this length, although I will put a special tag if the book is more than 500 pages long or more than 1000 pages long.

It’s just a bit of formatting, but if I put up a post, I can reference the lengths and be consistent going forward.


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