Mom, They’re Teasing Me

Authors: Michael Thompson, Lawrence J. Cohen, with Catherine O’Neill Grace

Subtitle: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems

Published: 2002

Genre: nonfiction child psychology

Length: 247 pages

Interest: I read Best Friends, Worst Enemies by the same authors and found it interesting and helpful, so I put this one on my reading list as well. My kids aren’t being teased excessively (Mr. Curiosity even asked why I was reading the book), but I like to be prepared.

Summary: The book is broken into three sections: normal social problems, children at risk for long-term problems, and interactions between kids. Each section starts with two case studies of kids that illustrate the point of the section. The section is rounded out with questions drawn from real-life situations and specific answers to address the problems raised.

Final thoughts: I found this to be a well-practical book that would be helpful for all parents to read. It’s good to be reminded what age-appropriate levels of problems are, and how devastating those problems can feel to a child (even when they really aren’t that big of a deal). At the same time, it was helpful to be appraised of warning signs for bigger problems, and actions that could be taken to help any child. The book reminded me that middle school can be brutal for anyone outside of societal norms. I do think many of the situations described will be avoided in our house because the kids are homeschooled and not in that environment on a daily basis.

Title comes from: It’s descriptive

Reading challenges fulfilled: 36/100 in my 100 Book Challenge

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