The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Published: 1952

Genre: portal children’s fantasy

Length: 121 pages

Setting: the Great Eastern Ocean in the world of Narnia, a few years after the events of Prince Caspian

Interest: It’s the fifth book in the Chronicles of Narnia that I’m reading to Mr. Curiosity

Summary: Lucy, Edmund, and their annoying cousin Eustace are magically transported onto the Dawn Treader, a Narnian ship carrying King Caspian on a voyage as far east as possible. They are looking for seven Lords sent East by Caspian’s Uncle, and hoping to find Aslan’s country as well. The Dawn Treader quickly moves into uncharted territory, but on each island they find evidence of at least one of the Lords they are searching for. On one island, Eustace is turned into a dragon. On another, they find a pool that can turn anything into gold. On a third, they find invisible helpers that need Lucy to turn them visible again. On a fourth, the island is covered in darkness. Finally, they come to an island that is the last in the world. From their, they journey ever eastward, until they reach the actual edge of the world.

Final thoughts: A fun little adventure story, with an imaginative variety of escapades for the crew to be involved in on each different island. However, I found Aslan’s appearances to be quite annoying in this book. Every time someone gets stuck, Aslan appears to magically fix the problem, looking disapproving the whole time. Even worse, in the last chapter he appears as a glowing, white Lamb that morphs into a Lion. The Christ imagery was just a bit heavy-handed. Time to take a break from the series.

The book does make a good read-aloud, though. The chapters aren’t too long, so I could read one a night in 10-15 minutes. The names are a bit odd, but nothing too hard, and the text flows quite nicely when read aloud.

Title comes from: Descriptive

Reading challenges fulfilled: 35/100 in my 100 Book Challenge, and a V in my Alphabet Soup Title Challenge

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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