Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto


GWS1823Published: Monday through Friday

Genre: adult realistic fiction

Setting: a city (I seem to think it’s in Canada, but I’m not too sure), present day

Interest: I saw the comic blurbed on The Devil’s Panties and was intrigued enough to check it out. After reading months of archives, and laughing on a good 50%, I added it to my regular reading list.

Summary: We follow the life of Hazel, a just-turned 30-year old who’s got big plans but not a whole lot of ambition to actually implement those plans. There’s a pretty big cast of characters in Hazel’s life, including her best friend, Jamie, who’s in a semi-platonic relationship with a woman, a series of boyfriends, several gay characters, a librarian who’s also a BSDM master, and McPedro, a talking cactus. We see all their lives unfold, with successes and failures that mirror real life.

Final thoughts: I enjoy this comic quite a bit. I love the variety of characters that almost make me wish I lived in a big city where there was a bit more diversity then what I find in my little town. It is definitely an adult comic, with adult situations common. Although there’s no sex shown, dildos are a common thread and there is LOTS of drinking. Hazel is the kind of person you want to know just to hear all her crazy stories, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live her life. Jamie is a great friend who stands by Hazel no matter what, and all the other crazy characters (and not so crazy people) just add to the joy of reading the comic. Check it out at

Title comes from: I don’t actually know


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