The Devil’s Panties by Jennie Breeden

Published: daily, with weekday strips somewhat story driven, like:


Saturday is “What not to say in the bedroom” such as:


and Sunday is a doodle, often a pop culture icon with octopus legs like this latest one:


Genre: adult semi-biographical

Setting: the author’s life in the U.S.

Interest: I’ve been reading The Devil’s Panties for a long time, and I cannot remember how I started (as per usual).

Summary: We get to see into Jennie Breeden’s life  – everything from her family get-togethers to life as a web-comic (she often breaks the fourth wall) to life in general. Breedon likes the snarky comment and isn’t afraid to put in the occasional adult situation. She also has several alter egos – a devil, a princess, and an angel, that show up from time to time.

Final thoughts: I love this comic. I know I say that about all the webcomics I review, but that’s because if I don’t love it, I drop it. There’s so many good comics out there, I hate to waste time on mediocre. While it’s only occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, the comic is always enjoyable. It’s also a very adult comic, with swearing, drinking, and sexual innuendo common. Be sure to hover over the comics to get another comment on the comic.

Title comes from: According to the FAQ, it was a friend’s hypothetical band name that was borrowed.


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