Freedom TM by Daniel Suarez

Published: 2010

Genre: techno-thriller

Length: 416 pages

Setting: U.S., near future

Interest: It’s the second book in the series, following Daemon, which I loved (I reviewed it here). Of course I’m going to read it.

Summary: The Darknet is growing and people are starting to develop self-sufficient communities around the U.S. The government and corporations are worried about the Daemon and it’s ability to take down the current status quo. The Major is leading the force trying to crush the Darknet, while Loki Stormbringer is stalking the Major. At the same time, Pete Sebeck is on a vision quest to try and prove that people deserve freedom in their lives.

Final thoughts: A very enjoyable book that lived up to the build up from the first book. The self-reliant communities were a nice touch, especially when they got into agricultural independence. Some of the hijinks the big seed companies pull were amusing. The big battle at the end was thoroughly enjoyable as well.

Title comes from: Sebeck’s search for the justification for the freedom of humanity.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this is a review from a previous year. I haven’t written any new book reviews quite yet.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image or title to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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