Aetna Rising by Erik Wecks

Subtitle: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell, Vol. 1

Published: 2012

Genre: science fiction

Length: 154 pages

Setting: Aetna, a colony moon of Unity, in the far future

Interest: It was a random book off my Kindle

Summary: Jack is in charge of the space station orbiting the tiny moon of Aetna. Unity set up a colony there to mine hydrogen for spaceship fuel, but otherwise leaves them pretty much along. This has allowed people in the colony to branch out of their corporately-defined roles. In Jack’s case, he does a little smuggling on the side. That all changes when an administrative vice president, Timothy Randall, and his team land and take over running the colony. Everyone needs to get back to corporate discipline and Jack is forcibly recruited to use his smuggling skills for Team Randall. Jack quickly realizes he’s in an untenable situation, but can’t figure out how to get out.

Final thoughts: This is just the first bit of the story found in Aetna Adrift. He definitely ends this part of the story on a cliffhanger and uses it as a teaser to the whole story. If you’re interested, get the full story and not just the first half. The author did a great job of showing what a repressive, corporate government would do to its people if everything was based on competition and greed. Jack does grow as a character in the story, starting as someone just going along with the flow and realizing he’d better make some difficult decisions by the end. I definitely want to know what happens in the end of the story.

Title comes from: The colony is on the moon Aetna and it’s importance is rising, for some unknown reason.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 97/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge (my last book read in 2013)

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