The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury

Published: 2007

Genre: thriller

Length: 432 pages

Setting: mostly the Middle East, present day, but also Europe in the 1700s

Interest: I was looking for an author’s whose last name started with K and remembered enjoying another of his books, so I snagged this one from the library.

Summary: We follow two distinct timelines. In the 1700s, Sebastian is looking to fix a formula while being hounded by the Prince of San Severo. There are hints that Sebastian doesn’t age as other men, and that’s why the Prince is after him. In the present day, there are several researchers and a soldier on the lookout for instances of the Ouroboros. There was an ancient secret society associated with the symbol that the archeologists Evelyn and Tom were researching. Jim Corben, a soldier, also discovered the symbol when he was trying to capture the hakeem – a doctor doing highly unethical research into longevity. They all come together when Farouk tries to get Evelyn to buy some smuggled antiquities, including a book inscribed with the Ouroboros. All the players try to obtain the book with the hakeem willing to use lethal force to reach his goal of immortality. Both timelines come together at the end of the book.

Final thoughts: A good enough story that was saved by a twist half-way through the story. It’s in the same genre as Dan Brown’s books  – take a bit of interesting, unexplained history, and fit a conspiracy/supernatural explanation to it. I enjoyed the setting and the flashbacks also added quite a bit to the story. I was glad they did find the solution to the formula in the end and the hakeem didn’t survive. I usually want the bad guys to get their comeuppance.

Title comes from: The place where the secret was discovered and kept for hundreds of years.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 94/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, and a K in my A-Z Reading Challenge author challenge (18/26)

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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