Better Than School by Nancy Wallace

Better Than SchoolSubtitle: One Family’s Declaration of Independence

Published: 1983

Genre: nonfiction, education

Length: 256 pages

Interest: When I started homeschooling Mr. Curiosity, I was looking for a book on what to teach him. I happened across a couple in the library and this one looked interesting.

Summary: The book describes one family’s venture into homeschooling, back when homeschooling wasn’t even always legal. Their son wasn’t doing well in school, so the parents decided to teach him at home. Soon, the “teaching” devolved into letting him decide what he wanted to learn about. When their daughter was of school age, they again fought the school system to keep her home. The author (the mother) described her approach to teaching reading, writing, math, and music, as well as typical days.

Final thoughts: An interesting and helpful book, if for nothing else than to show me I’m not really a dedicated unschooler. I like the concept of it, but I want my kids to learn the basics as well as follow their interests. I do think I want a little more guidance in what to study than a true unschooling approach provides.

Title comes from: Descriptive of the subject.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this is a review from a book read in a previous year.


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