Weekly Wrap-Up: American Revolution Part Two

We didn’t add too many new books to our homeschooling this week. We’re kind of winding down for the holidays, and finishing up our work for a break. The break is coming a bit early because I have surgery scheduled for Tuesday and I don’t want to have to worry about doing school on top of recovery.
Last week was our latest meeting of American History Club. It’s our second meeting on the American Revolution time period. The older boys read Avi’s The Fighting Ground. They both enjoyed the book (it helped the book was much shorter than Johnny Tremain). The book gave a quick immersion in the ambiguity of battle. (See my full review.) I used the book as a jumping off point to map some of the major battles of the Revolutionary War. I found a list of ten major battles of the war, and we had fun mapping them.
The younger girls read another Felicity book – Felicity’s Surprise, since it was the Christmas story. They discussed the differences between Christmas back in the 1700s and Christmas now. Miss Adventure read most of the series on her own and is enjoying the books. They’re the perfect level for her right now, and I consider them a much better book to read than the fairy books she also enjoys.

This post is part of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers’ Weekly Wrap-Up.

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