Book-related donation opportunities

I’m going to do something a little different and post about two book-related donation opportunities. I became aware of both of them from a post by Pat Rothfuss, via Scalzi’s blog Whatever.

first_book_logo_color-150x150The first charity I want to bring to your attention is First Book. I’m sure if you’re reading this blog that you love books. In fact, you might have a few (hundred) lying around your house. When I was growing up, I had an aunt that gave me a book for every gift-giving occasion. I must admit, I’ve turned into that aunt for my nieces and nephews. I like books, I think they’re important, and I make sure my kids have access to many, many books.

What boggles my mind is there are houses without books. How can you have a house without a book in it? I barely have a room in my house without books, let alone the whole house being book free. First Book makes sure books get into homes that need them. As a bonus, right now Random House is tripling any donations. They’re also highly ranked by Charity Watch, with 97% of donations going to getting books in homes. Please think about donating to First Book.

Worldbuilders-Logo_Web_Smaller1-300x214The other charity I want to introduce you to is a two-for-one. Six years ago, Pat Rothfuss decided to use his fan base to do some good and created Worldbuilders to raise money for Heifer International. logoHeifer International is a great charity, although it has nothing to do with books. Instead, they focus on providing animals to families in need so they can generate both food and income. I’ve given to the charity for many years, now. My favorite aspect of the charity is the family who’s given the animal is expected to pass on offspring to another needy family in their community so the benefits continue to accrue within the community.

What Worldbuilders does is provide you some incentive to donate to Heifer. They have a wide variety of geeky donations (games, books, accessories) that they have put into a lottery. For every $10 you donate to Heifer through the Worldbuilders team page, you get one ticket put into the lottery. Personally, I was planning on donating to Heifer, but now I have a chance to win some cool swag for doing so. There are also auctions for some of the rarer items if you are interested.

Two great charities that you might not be aware of. Think about donating to one or both today.


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