Alien Cradle by Jeff Inlo

inlojother09alien_cradlePublished: 2009

Genre: science fiction

Length: 260 pages

Setting: far future, various planets

Interest: It fulfilled a letter in my author reading challenge. Otherwise, pretty much a random pick off my Kindle that I got for free from

Summary: Rath Scampion is a scout whose job is to check out newly discovered planets for alien life. No one has discovered a hint of alien life, and the scientists are starting to worry. Specifically, Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair, chair of a powerful scientific council, is worried the scientists are going to lose their power and funding for research. So, she decides to create and plant “alien” life on Fenrir, the last planet Scampion explored. Scampion is convinced he missed the evidence of the Fenrites, but eventually the truth comes out. The Fenrites are destroyed, as is Dr. Sinclair.

Final thoughts: Ehh, not too impressive. It was trying to be a hard sci-fi story, but the science doesn’t really hold up. I will grant the scientists a genetically engineered creature (although I’m pretty sure someone would notice the Earth DNA, even if there are several creatures mixed together), but the world they created wasn’t even close to an ecosystem. Plus, you’re not going to find free oxygen in an atmosphere without life to continually replace it. Double fail point for me. Poor Scampion wasn’t a very likeable character either, although fairly realistic. If any Joe Schmoe got stuck in the middle of such politics, I’m pretty sure “how to save my skin” would be high on the list of responses seen.

Title comes from: The “alien” life that was created and placed on Fenrir.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 80/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, and an I in my A-Z Reading Challenge author challenge (9/26)


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