Joining Amazon

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve become an Amazon affiliate. As a reader, you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference beyond the fact that the image of the book will now link to Amazon. So, if the review piques your interest in the book, you can just click right over to Amazon, buy the book and put a few pennies in my pocket, if you’re so inclined. If not, no problem. Just wanted to keep everyone abreast of what’s going on behind the scenes. And now, I’ll send you back to the regularly scheduled posts…


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2 responses to “Joining Amazon

  1. I’m curious about this — did you have to upgrade your site etc in order to do this or is it completely free…. I wouldn’t mind having a similar system on my page due to the quantity of SF books I review.

    • natalieinne

      It was completely free, and all I do is add a link to the book on each review. Pretty simple. Just search Amazon affiliate and you can check out the program. Seems like an easy way to make a bit of money from my site (possibly – we’ll see if anyone buys the books through my links, but I figure it can’t hurt to try!)

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