Weekly Wrap-Up: Done With Egyptology

It was a bit of a rough week this week as I was dealing with the side effects of chemo. It was mostly taste changes I was dealing with, but it led to some crankiness. And we all know that a cranky momma leads to cranky kids. Even so, we managed to finish our topic on Ancient Egypt and start a new music genre for performance of the week. On to the books we used:

The Egyptology HandbookMr. Curiosity has been reading The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt by Emily Sands. It has 30 two-page lessons broken into three sections (History, Life and Culture, and Gods and Religion) and is full of illustrations and activities that can be done. The book provides a broad overview of life in Ancient Egypt, without going into too much depth in any one topic.

I have been reading Miss Adventure National Geographic Kids’ Everything Ancient EgyptEverything Ancient Egypt by Crispin Boyer. Again, there are two-page spreads on a specific topic, broken into four major topics (the land, death, life, and fun). This one is full of photographs of actual Egyptian artifacts, including some pretty gruesome mummy pictures. Definitely good for a visual learner.

Artists of American Folk MusicIn addition to finishing up our Egypt books, we picked a new genre for performance of the week: folk music. I liked having some reference books in the house when we were doing jazz, so I requested a couple from our library system, sight unseen, and contents unknown. The one that came this week was Artists of American Folk Music edited by Phil Hood. It has biographies of 31 American folk artists, and should give me a base to start at each week this month.

We chose to do Woody Guthrie this week, mainly because I found a book that illustrated the words to “This Land is Your LandThis Land is Your Land.” This was an awesome book that really needs to be studied as it illustrates many tourist sites throughout the U.S. As a bonus, we found a documentary on Woody Guthrie’s life by BBC on YouTube and watched half of it, before the kids got restless. It had many of Guthrie’s songs, some performed by him, some performed by others. The only question my kids had was why they kept showing dirty feet tapping to the music.

And those are the books we used this week!


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  1. Hope you are starting to feel better again. I’ll be sure to check out these books. Our kids love history of any kind. 🙂

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