Apocalypse Troll by David Weber

trollPublished: 1999

Genre: military science fiction

Length: 377 pages

Setting: far future to near future Earth

Interest: It was a book on my Kindle that kept getting selected whenever I tried to turn the page in my list of books. Since it seemed to anxious to be read, I decided to oblige. It is a Baen book, and you can read it on their website, or buy an electronic copy there.

Summary: Earth is at war with the Kangas and humans are winning (a good thing, since Kangas eradicate all sentient creatures other than themselves). A Kanga Armada is spotting moving at high-speed and a human battle fleet moves to intercept. Turns out the Kangas are trying to go back in time to eliminate humanity before it can become a threat. The humans follow and whittle away at the Armada until there’s only one ship of each left. The Kanga ship, a Troll, takes out the human ship, but didn’t kill the pilot, Ludmilla. She’s rescued at sea and tells her story. She then recruits military forces to help her find and destroy the Troll.

Final thoughts: This one got a bit tedious at times. The beginning, especially, took a long time to get started. Every time I’d get invested in a setting and the storyline, we’d jump somewhere else because that ship just got destroyed. I was probably 1/3 done with the book before we settled down to a single narrator. Lots of death and destruction throughout the story. I was disappointed in the end, as well, since it turned into a “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 73/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, and a W in A-Z Reading Challenge author challenge (2/26)

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