Crazy, Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr

Crazy, Sexy Cancer TipsPublished: 2007

Genre: nonfiction self-help

Length: 203 pages

Interest: It was recommended by some of the ladies at the last Linked by Pink meeting I went to.

Summary: The book is a combination memoir of Carr’s life with cancer and a collection of tips for living with and beyond cancer. There are tips for being diagnosed with cancer, how to deal with getting doctors and treatment, as well as diet and fashion tips. There are also stories from other cancer survivors interspersed with Carr’s story.

Final thoughts: This really is an irreverent book about living with cancer (the author’s cancer is untreatable but stable). I enjoyed the tone of the book and need to go back and write down some of the tips so I don’t forget them. The only place it got a little weird was in the diet section. Carr advocated a mostly raw food diet with regular colonic cleanses. I started to ignore her advice when she began talking about water molecules that have been treated to make them smaller. I’m sorry, but that level of non-science means I have to figure the entire chapter is just a bunch of woo. Oh well. The other chapters are still worth reading!

Title comes from: It tells you what the book is about in the irreverent tone of the book.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 72/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, a C in A-Z Reading Challenge, starting my author challenge (1/26), and 13/14 in the Nerdy Nonfiction Challenge for self-help (a seventh category).


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