What I Will Be Reading #5

I added two books to my reading list this week. They are:

The Risk PoolThe Risk Pool by Richard Russo. This was on the recommendation of myothervoices who left a comment on my review of Russo’s Empire Falls. As an added bonus, I’ve actually visited the area the book is set in (Mohawk, NY) since I have in-laws who live nearby.

The second book is SteelheartSteelheart by Brandon Sanderson. It was recommended by two blogs I read on the same day. The first was a review by Howard Taylor, who writes one of my favorite webcomics, Schlock Mercenary. I love his style of comic, so anything he recommends I strongly consider. When it showed up as a Big Idea on John Scalzi’s blog on the same day, with Sanderson talking about where he got the idea in the first place, I knew it deserved a spot on my book list.

Anything good you’ve added to your to read list lately?


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