The Kingdom of Bones by Stephen Gallagher

The Kingdom of BonesPublished: 2007

Genre: historical fiction

Length: 366 pages

Setting: England and the U.S., late 1800s/early 1900s

Interest: It fulfilled a letter on my reading challenge

Summary: Tom Sayers is the director of a touring acting group in England. He is falsely accused of killing children in many of their stops around England. Turns out, one of the members of his acting troupe did the killing, and set Tom up to be arrested. Tom escapes from custody and makes his way to America. In America, he runs into Sebastian Becker, the Inspector who had originally arrested him. Sebastian learns that Sayers is after Louise Porter, another member of the acting troupe. Louise has taken on the curse of the Wanderer, and Sayers is determined that she can be saved.

Final thoughts: I was really sucked into the world of this book. As an added bonus, there was a touch of the occult with the Wanderer (a pact with the Devil), which just added depth to the story. Sayer’s obsession with Louise led him to betray everything, and we watch him sink further and further into his obsession as the story goes on. The ending was not a happy one, but it was satisfying nonetheless. I just want to know what the significance was of the dog in the last part of the book. It seemed important, but I didn’t understand exactly why.

Title comes from: Not an obvious one. It may refer to the deal of the Wanderer – long life for the killing of others.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 48/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, and a K in A-Z Reading Challenge (which takes me to 22/26)


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