Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

peterPublished: 2004

Genre: YA fantasy

Length: 451 pages

Setting: Victorian England, on the High Seas

Interest: I had started reading this book to Miss Adventure, but she lost interest. When we were looking for an audiobook for our trip to Indiana, and this one showed up, it was an easy pick.

Summary: Peter and four other orphan boys is put on the Neverland, a rusty old tub on its way to Rundoon. At the same time, The Wasp leaves port for Rundoon as well, supposedly carrying the greatest treasure ever to go to sea. Black Stache is after the treasure, and attacks The Wasp. He discovers The Wasp is carrying a dummy treasure, and turns his eyes to the Neverland. In the midst of a big storm, Black Stache attacks the Neverland. It turns out the treasure is a massive collection of star stuff that the Star Chasers are trying to recover. Molly, an apprentice Star Chaser on the ship, tells Peter about the star stuff, and they work together to keep the star stuff from the hands of Black Stache. The boat founders in the storm, and all of the main characters and the star stuff wash up on a nearby island. Everyone is after the star stuff, and Peter and Molly manage to keep it safe. However, Peter is changed from touching the star stuff.

Final thoughts: The whole family really enjoyed listening to this book. It got a little scary when the pirates attacked and when the boys were about to be eaten by a giant crocodile, so it’s probably not for young children. I liked catching all the references to the original Peter Pan story. They explained everything from the mermaids to the Indians to Peter being able to fly. I also like Molly’s character. She wasn’t just along for the ride, but in fact often made better decisions than Peter and led him the right way. Peter was a bit of a reluctant leader, but always took care of his mates.

This is the first in a series of books about Peter, and we’re looking forward to reading many of the others.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this was completed as an audio book.



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2 responses to “Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

  1. Steven

    This looks good, but you have the title wrong in the blog post Starchasers instead of Starcatchers). It took me a while to make sure I was reserving the right book at the library.

    • natalieinne

      Just updated the title so it’s accurate. Turns out I had written down the wrong title in all my documentation and didn’t catch the disconnect between the title and the picture. Thanks for pointing it out.

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