The Iron Hunt by Marjorie Liu

The Iron HuntPublished: 2008

Genre: urban fantasy

Length: 305 pages

Setting: mostly Seattle, present day

Interest: It was a recommended urban fantasy book. I like the genre and was looking for something different to read.

Summary: Maxine Kiss is a demon hunter, protected by day by tattoos that come off her body at night as demons. Zombies in her world are lesser demons that inhabit human bodies. She’s set down roots with Grant, who can change human and demon’s auras with music. Through a series of events, Maxine slowly becomes aware of her true destiny – to lead the Wild Hunt, since the veil (that hold back most of the demons) is failing.

Final thoughts: This one didn’t grab me as fast as many of the other urban fantasy books have. It took me a while to get into the world, and I’ll admit to a bit of confusion even at the end, but I got sucked in. I’m curious where it is heading, and I really like the Labyrinth, so I’ll pick up the next one.

Title comes from: Maxine is supposed to lead the Wild Hunt, and finds an iron sword that bonds with her skin (like her other tattoos).

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this is a review from a previous year.


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