Prince of the North by Harry Turtledove

princePublished: 1994

Genre: fantasy

Length: 457 pages

Setting: the world of Elabon, following the events of Werenight

Interest: I wanted to read a book on my Kindle while we went on vacation, so I decided to read the second book in the Wisdom of the Fox omnibus. If you’re interested in the book, I got it from the Baen Free Library (as is a large portion of my Kindle library), and you can download it or read it online for free here.

Summary: Gerin the Fox is trying to keep a bit of culture in the North, now that the connection to the Elebon Empire has been severed. Gerin’s four-year old son disappears, and Gerin heads to the shrine of the far-seeing god for advice. Instead, e is present with troglodytic monsters break out from under the shrine, eating all in their path. Gerin rescues the Sybil from death (but, by touching her, removing the God’s touch from her) and heads back home. He allies with his strongest rival to eliminate the monsters, who have allied with the Troikmoi. It is only when Gerin invokes two Gods that he is successful.

Final thoughts: Again, like the first read, a fine enough story. Lots of men fighting and wenching, even if Gerin is a bit more scholarly. There is a distinct lack of women in the story, both of whom end up bedding Gerin.

Title comes from: It’s the title Gerin has taken upon himself

Reading challenges fulfilled: 46/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge


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