Back from Indiana

Our family took a quick trip to Indiana this past week, West Lafayette and Indianapolis to be specific. The Mr. in the house had a conference at Purdue, so we turned it into a family vacation. Poor Miss Adventure has yet to attend the last week of school. Luckily the weather cooperated with us.

Our first day, we toured the Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum, which was a bit unimpressive, especially for children. The afternoon was much more enjoyable, though. We drove down the road a bit farther and checked out the Wabash and Erie Canal site. Even though they didn’t have any tours going on, we found plenty to do. Mr. Curiosity and Miss Adventure thoroughly enjoyed the canal boat that’s been converted to a playground. There was also an interactive museum on life on and around the canal. Bonus – it’s a free museum! Finally, we took our bikes down some of the trails around the canal. The dirt trail through the woods felt like mountain biking lite (perfect for the kids). It was quite peaceful and pretty, but got a little more exciting than planned when we got to an underpass that was underwater. I got to be the one to test how deep the water was. We decided to do the portage, although the water was deep enough the bikes needed to be lifted to keep the rear hub out of the water.

DSC_3647The following day, we did some wandering about Purdue University. Lunch was at Triple XXX since they make their own rootbeer, and we checked out Von’s afterward. Since our legs were tired of walking, we decided to ride some of the bike trails in West Lafayette. These trails are paved, so when we got to a spot that was underwater, we just rode right through. It was deep enough that our pedals went underwater at the downstroke, and Mr. Curiosity ended up with mud all up his back.

Our final day, we went to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. It’s billed as the largest children’s museum in the world. I’m not sure if it’s the largest, but it certainly was impressive and enjoyable for the whole family. With five floors, we bounced around quite a bit. We didn’t mind, though, since we could check out the water clock in the main lobby every time we went by.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip. As always, we’re happy to be home and ready to start our summer activities. Book reviews will resume tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Back from Indiana

  1. That water clock is so amazing, isn’t it?!
    That Children’s Museum is wonderful. We visited it about six or seven years ago and it was quite nice. The next time we went back, two years ago or so, the place had been transformed!

    • natalieinne

      We had to stop and watch the water flow every time we went by the clock. The best was when we caught the hour change (just as the museum was closing!). The whole museum is pretty impressive.

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