Quarry by Bill Pronzini

quarryPublished: 1992

Genre: it was labelled a mystery at the library, but I’d consider it more of a detective/noir fiction

Length: 216 pages

Setting: California, 1990s

Interest: I searched the library shelves for a book title starting with “Q” and came up with this one.

Summary: The Nameless Detective has been hired to Arlo Haas to look into the reason behind his adult daughter’s uncharacteristic behavior. Grady Haas came home suddenly and has been acting uncommunicative and dead inside. The detective has to piece together what happened from the crumbs of Grady’s very private life. He eventually discovers Grady got involved with a guy who turned out to be a professional arsonist. The arsonist is now trying to cover his tracks by killing Grady, but the Nameless Detective manages to spoil those plans.

Final thoughts: This was a fun little book. Nothing too great, but I wasn’t forcing myself to finish it. It felt more like a “Guy Noir, Private Eye” book than a mystery, although I must admit I’m not a big fan of mysteries. There was quite a bit of action and derring-do as the Nameless Detective tries to piece together what happened to Grady and keep her safe. The Nameless Detective is an ongoing character written by Pronzini. Along with the main action, there was a nice little side story involving his girlfriend and best friend. This was not the first book to introduce the character (based on flashbacks in the book), but I didn’t feel hampered by the fact I didn’t know the whole back-story.

Title comes from: At first I thought the title referred to the fact that Grady was being hunted, but it also refers to the fact that the final confrontation with the arsonist occurred at a quarry.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 42/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, and a Q in A-Z Reading Challenge (which takes me to 21/26). I’m trying hard to finish the A-Z title challenge so I can do an author challenge as well.


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