Monday Musings: Is Everyone A Critic?

MondayMusingsButtonThe Book Barista wrote on Monday about the value of book review blogs and whether just anyone can write a good book review. Since I review books regularly for myself, and have started sharing them publicly on this blog, I have obviously think my book reviews are valuable to people beyond myself. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a book critic. That requires knowing a little more about symbolism and styles and different schools of writing. What I provide is an opinion of what I thought of the book. I read, a lot, so I can mentally compare a book I’m reading to others I’ve read in the past and share that opinion with others. The trick is to find a reviewer that shares your taste, whether you’re talking books, movies or music.

There’s so much media being produced right now that it’s hard to find all the good stuff, so I appreciate others telling me what they thought of a book (or movie, or whatever). I may not agree with their opinion, but if the book piques my interest, I’ll certainly add it to my reading list. It’s either that or wander the shelves at the library, looking for a tempting book. And we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!


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