A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

A Memory of LightPublished: 2012

Genre: epic fantasy

Length: 909 pages

Setting: the Wheel of Time universe

Interest: It’s the 14th and final book in the Wheel of Time series.

Summary: We are finally at the Last Battle so we see all the last-minute maneuvering of the Forsaken and the forces of Light. A giant Trolloc army is threatening the inhabited lands at several points. Rand forces a peace between all the nations (including the Seachan) so they can combine and fight the Trollocs on multiple fronts. The forces of Light are nearly defeated by the Forsaken several times (a group of rogue Aiel with male channelers shows up, lead by a Forsaken, the Asha’men are controlled by one of the Forsaken who is Turning Asha’men to the Dark One, one of the Forsaken is manipulating the major generals of the four armies through their dreams, etc.). Mat takes charge of the armies, using all of his memories to win. Perrin protects Rand from Slayer in the World Dream. Rand battles the Dark One, ultimately reforging his prison.

Final thoughts: A sweeping, grandiose, and satisfying end to this series that I’ve been reading over a decade. This is definitely not the book to start on. If you don’t want to read the 10,000 or so pages of the series, the author has recommended starting at book 10 or so. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the whole series immensely, and was quite happy with how it ended. In fact, I had a hard time putting it down, which is problematic when the book is nearly 1000 pages long.

As for this book, the amount of ground that had to be covered to get everyone in the right position and fighting a long series of battles was immense, but it happened. We also got to see the battle from almost all the named characters, it seemed like. In fact, one of the hardest things in reading this series is keeping all the characters and factions straight. Not everyone made it to the end (although Jordan and Sanderson are not as cruel as Martin in that respect). Not all the mysteries were explained (I would have like to know more about Cadsuane, personally), but that’s OK. It was still enjoyable.

Title comes from: It’s the final battle against the Dark One and it’s the memory of Light that sustain Rand in his battle.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 35/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge



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5 responses to “A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

  1. I quit with Winter’s Heart (I started reading when book 5 or so came out so I had to reread them all whenever a new one came out) — and then he died…. And decided not to come back to the series…. now I probably won’t like them — I dunno what to do? HHAHA

    • natalieinne

      Well, if you didn’t like it then, it really hasn’t changed much for you to like it now, and it’s a LOT of pages to slog through just to say you’ve finished the series. My husband couldn’t even make it through the first book.

      • Ah, I did like it then! But yes, the effort it would take… haha.

        Well, the first book is the worst — it’s a blatant a ripoff of the beginning of the Lord of the Rings…

      • The reason I quit had more to do with the fact I kept on waiting for him to finished…. and then he died…

      • natalieinne

        I was glad I came to the series after the first five or so had been written, so at least I could blow through those quickly. It was a bit depressing for the series when Jordan died. At least he left good notes about where he wanted the story to go. I didn’t notice a big difference from adding Sanderson, but then again I never reread the books so I didn’t have an immediate comparison in my head.

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