Shadow Touch by Marjorie Liu

Shadow TouchPublished: 2006

Genre: paranormal romance

Length: 354 pages

Setting: mostly Russia, present day, same world as Tiger Eye.

Interest: This was the second Marjorie Liu book I received from someone unloading their books (the other was Tiger Eye). It’s another Dirk and Steele novel, although different main characters.

Summary: Elena has the ability to heal other people by convincing their body to fix the problem. Her unique skills are noticed by the Consortium. Elena is kidnapped and taken to a secret facility to be studied. There is another prisoner there – Artur, a member of Dirk and Steele who can learn the history of an object or person by touching it. They manage to escape the facility, bringing two shapechangers with them. On their way home, they decide to head to Moscow when the learn the person in charge of the Consortium is trying to unite all of the Russian mafia under her psychic control. By working together, and bringing in other member of Dirk and Steele, the manage to kill their opponents.

Final thoughts: Once again, a really excellent urban fantasy with a distracting romance written into it. I can’t complain about the romance, as it was well written, but it wasn’t why I was reading the book. It was a tension filled book. Each problem would be resolved (usually with a bit of action), only to find a new problem that needs to be addressed. Elena was a bit of an innocent, although she refuses to be sheltered by Artur when all of the bad stuff goes down. I do enjoy Liu’s portrayal of the strong heroine.

Title comes from: Artur’s ability comes from touching objects, so he rarely initiates skin-to-skin contact. Elan’s ability also comes from touching, and she creates a permanent mental link between the two of them when she heals Artur’s mind.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 31/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge


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