World Well Lost by Mercedes Lackey

world well lostAlternate title: The Secret World Chronicles, Book Three

Published: 2010

Genre: urban fantasy

Length: 26 chapters (it’s an audiobook from podiobooks)pb-logo


Setting: an alternate Earth where metahumans exist, present day

Interest: It’s the third book in The Secret World Chronicles series and I’ve enjoyed the first two (find my review of book one here and book two here). Besides, it’s a free audio book.

Summary: We continue following the adventures of metahumans, focusing on ECHO operatives and how they are trying to put things back to rights. At the same time, ECHO is trying to understand as much as possible about the Thulian invaders. There are several stories about John Murdock and Seraphym. We also get a few one-off stories about other metahumans in the universe currently or historically.

Final thoughts: A fun little story. It kind of reminds me of a comic series, with one main, over-arching plot, lots of characters that interact with the plot, and every once in a while a side story that fits in the universe, but doesn’t really affect the main plot. It works well as a serialized audio novel because you don’t really need to remember all the details from the beginning to the end.

Title comes from: Not an obvious one. Everyone is trying to recover from and understand the motives of the Thulian invasion, but are worried that too much damage has been done to society for it to recover.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this was an audio book and a review from a previous year.


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