Tuesday’s Musings: Why do you blog?

Miss Adventure didn’t have school yesterday, so I spent the day doing activities like cutting out paper dolls and looking for a new bike for Mr. Curiosity. That means I’m a day late to The Book Barista‘s Monday Musings, so I’ll join her with a Tuesday Musing instead.


This week she asks the question of why do we blog? That’s actually a pretty easy answer for me. I started out this blog simply as a place to share my book reviews. I’ve written over 500 book reviews starting eight years ago when I was given a book review notebook for Christmas. I’ve adapted my format over time, but I’ve continued to write reviews for my own pleasure. However, it got to the point where I wanted to do something with all those reviews. Now granted, my early reviews are pretty awful when I go back and look at them, but I’ve still got hundreds of reviews already written. It isn’t too much work to put them online and share them with others.

Writing a blog is an evolutionary process as I figure out what works well and what doesn’t. I’ve started to add some of our homeschooling activities and books that we read for unit studies as well as my book reviews. For a while, Mr. Curiosity wrote a few reviews, but he hasn’t been interested lately. But as Mr. Curiosity and Miss Adventure get older, I can see them adding additional content to the blog. Overall, it’s a journey that I’m enjoying.

What got you started blogging?



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2 responses to “Tuesday’s Musings: Why do you blog?

  1. Hi Natalie, thank you once again in joining the discussion! I’ve quickly learned that blogging is quite a bit “trial and error”. I’m amazed at how my own blog has progressed and changed in a such a short period of time.

    • natalieinne

      The changes that occur are quite surprising. I know when I go back to some of my first blog posts, I cringe a little to read them. At least it’s evidence that I’m getting better at this!

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