Daughter of the Sun by Lonnie Ezell

Daughter of the SunPublished: 2007

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 336 pages

Interest: It was a free book from ManyBooks.net (you can find it here) that I put on my Kindle a while ago and chose to read because it sounded like a fantasy novel.

Summary: Elena has tried to keep a low profile in her village after he mother died using the Breath. All that changes when the Duke’s men take Jocelyn, her daughter. She goes after them, with the help of Raven who teaches her how to use Breathe. At the same time, Johan, Elena’s husband, reassembles a groups of rebels to fight against the Duke’s men who are assembling 13 children to rejuvenate the Overlord. The Duke decides to subvert Jocelyn, using Breath to convince her she’s his daughter. Elena and Johan (and his men) fight the Overlord at the Temple of the Sun. The Overlord is trying to take all the magical energy from this world so he can move to one of the worlds separated during the Sundering. But, he is defeated.

Final thoughts: Nothing too exciting here, but an enjoyable story. I did like her version of magic (Breath) and the limitations that were placed on it’s use. There was lots of interpersonal tension as well (Johan was a drunk who gave their son to a ghost to save his wife, but his wife just thought the son died. The son later reappears as the ghost’s avatar.) But, it was your typical quest story – daughter is stolen for nefarious purposes, parents move beyond their personal problems in order to save her.

Title comes from: The Temple of the Sun counteracted the actions of the Sundering and the Overlord. Elena was working on their behest, and was the product of a liaison be.tween the temple’s guardian and her mother.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 27/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge


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