Tiger Eye by Marjorie Liu

Tiger EyePublished: 2005

Genre: paranormal romance

Length: 342 pages

Setting: Beijing and California, present day

Interest: Someone was unloading their books and I picked up a couple, including this one. I was perusing my bookshelves to find something to read, and this one popped out.

Summary: Dela is given a puzzle box by an old woman in the Beijing Dirt Market. When she gets it open, a man appears. Hari was trapped in the box by a Magician two thousand years ago, and is spelled to follow the orders of whoever owns the box. Dela is determined to break the curse, but the Magician is trying to regain the box so he can break his ties to the curse. At the same time, a NYC Tong is trying to kill Dela because she created the knife used to murder a child. Dela gathers some of her friends from the Dirk and Steele Agency around her, all with a variety of psychic powers, to protect her. At the same time, she and Hari are falling head over heels in love. The group manages to kill anyone the Tong sends after Dela, but the Magician kidnaps Dela and forces a confrontation.

Final thoughts: I enjoyed this book and it’s supernatural elements (not only did we have psychic abilities, but Hari was a shapeshifter), but I would have liked it even more if the romance elements weren’t such a strong part of the story. While I really enjoy urban fantasy, turns out I find the romance aspect of it distracting. It was a quick and easy read, though. It’s a good book to read when you don’t want to think too hard and just have a good time.

Title comes from: Hari was a shapeshifter with tiger as his animal form.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 19/100 in the Read-a-Latte Challenge, a T in A-Z Reading Challenge (which takes me to 13/26 – halfway there! At this rate, I’ll have to do the author version as well!).


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