Spice by Jack Turner

Subtitle: A History of Temptation

spicePublished: 2004

Genre: nonfiction

Length: 310 pages

Interest: It was recommended on one of the blogs I read and I was looking for a nonfiction book to read.

Summary: The book goes through the different uses of spice in historical times. It started with how empires grew around the search for spices. Next, the author discussed how spices were used in ancient Rome and medieval Europe. He then turned to uses of spice to preserve and cure the body, or to enhance the love life. Finally, he covers the use and inclusion of spice in religious applications.

Final thoughts: I must admit, I was not all that impressed with this book. The topic was interesting enough, but the author belabored every point with numerous examples and excruciating detail. While some people might enjoy the book, I took to skimming by the end (and I hate to do that).

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this is a review of a book read in a previous year.


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