Postcrossing update

logo-470x62I’ve been a member of postcrossing for nine months, now, and still loving it, so I thought I’d provide an update on my stats and some of my favorite postcards I’ve received. If you missed my initial review of the website and how it works, check it out here. I’m up to 52 postcards sent and 48 received, which averages out to my first 50 cards, which is a nice round number to do some reflection. I’m including some of my favorite postcards that I’ve received throughout this post.

A postcard of stamps from the Netherlands. They even have a postcrossing stamp!

A postcard of stamps from the Netherlands. They even have a postcrossing stamp!

Postcrossing keeps track of overall stats as well as my personal stats. As of this point in time, there are users registered in 218 countries that have sent over 15.9 million postcards! My 50 postcards seems like nothing when I consider all the cards flying around in the postal services.  I do ration myself to two postcards sent out a week, or I could see this hobby turning into a major money sink. Between the cost of international postage, and the postcards themselves, it adds up quickly! The good thing is it costs the same amount to send a letter or a postcard anywhere outside of North America (Canada and Mexico cost a different amount As of the end of January, the international cost went up five cents, and all countries are the same, including Canada and Mexico), so I can just get one stamp and not have to head to the post office any time I want to send out a postcard.

A lovely landscape in Germany

A lovely landscape in Germany

At this point, I’ve sent cards to 13 countries and received cards from 21 different countries. I’ve sent the most cards to Germany, with my singletons going to the Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, China, and Canada. I’ve received the most cards from the U.S. and Russia, but I’m always hoping I’ll get a card from a new country in the mail. My singletons at this point include Austria, China, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and (for some reason, the one that made me the happiest to receive) Lithuania.


My Lithuanian postcard – how exciting!

It certainly adds quite a bit of anticipation every time I go to the mailbox, hoping there’s a new postcard. I’m almost disappointed when I get multiple postcards in one day, since I’d prefer to spread out the happiness. Interestingly, there’s almost as much joy in sending a card as in receiving a card. I love looking through my collection of postcards and trying to pick out the card that will make the recipient happiest. If my postcard is favorited, I know I did well in my choice. I never have a problem filling up the back of the postcard. Often I’ll write about the significance of the postcard, or the latest holiday, or what’s going on lately.

A funny postcard from Russia.

A funny postcard from Russia.

Now I’m on the lookout for more postcards, preferably cheap. I was so excited when our family went to the Niagara Power Authority Visitor Center and they had free postcards – score! I’m trying to find more pop culture postcards, since most of what I find locally are landscapes, and I want a variety of postcards so I can match up what I have with what people want. It’s an ongoing quest, I guess – anyone want to join me in the fun?

A traditional dress from the Ukraine.

A traditional dress from the Ukraine.


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