Oath of Swords by David Weber

oath of swordsPublished: 1995

Genre: heroic fantasy

Length: 576 pages

Interest: A random book picked off my Kindle. It’s a book from the Baen free library that you can still find here.

Summary: Bahzell is a hradani (kind of like a fox person and he’s currently in the brutal court of a rival leader as a fostered hostage, since he’s the heir of another region’s leader. He’s forced to leave in a hurry when he saves a girl from rape by the leader’s son. He’s on the run from that region and takes up as a caravan guard. In the process, he helps Zarantha, a mage in hiding, try to get home. Bahzell’s involvement with Zarantha mixes him up in a battle between the gods. In the end, another companion, Brandark, writes a song about all of his adventures.

Final thoughts: I was quite pleasantly surprised, especially considering the hit or miss quality of the random books I pick off my Kindle. This was your standard “hero on a quest/journey” fantasy novel, but I did enjoy the characters and the different situations he was put in. Also, the different cultures were well-defined and enjoyable to read about.

Title comes from: Bahzell pledged himself to Tomanak Orfro, one of the Gods of Light, through His oath of swords.

Reading challenges fulfilled: None, since this was a review of a book I read in a previous year.


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