Marco and the Red Granny by Mur Lafferty

Marco-and-the-Red-GrannyPublished: 2010

Genre: science fiction

Length: 109 pages

Setting: a future Earth and colonized Moon

Interest: After supporting a Kickstarter campaign for Mur, I received electronic copies of all of her work. This one I hadn’t listened to or read yet, so when I was looking for something to read on my new Kindle, this popped up. It is only available to read electronically, or you can listen for free at Podiobooks.

Summary: An alien race, the Li-Jun, have contacted Earth. While they are banned from Earth, they create a colony on the Moon, importing artists of all kinds in order to fuse multiple senses together into one item. While the combinations are amazing (a suit that allows the wearer to know a novel, or a necklace that smells like freshly baked bread), they can’t be imported to Earth. Things are about to change, though, around the time Marco, our protagonist, gets a patronage from House Blue. Turns out, the Li-Jun have started to imbue items with emotions, and the ban on importing Li-Jun products is about to end. The ultimate goal of the Li-Jun is to remove all the passion and negative emotions from humans, allowing the Li-Jun to take over. The Alcoholic’s Guild is working with the Red Granny to get the conspiracy out in the open, but they need an artist to get the message out, and Marco is able to fit the bill.

Final thoughts: As per usual, I enjoyed Mur’s work. It was a quick read, which is almost disappointing because you want to read more in the universe, but it ended at just the right place. It’s a fascinating premise – the aliens are here to take over, but they do so by exploiting our desire for new and interesting “things”.

Title comes from: The two main characters.

Reading challenges fulfilled: 3/100 in Read-a-Latte challenge, R in A-Z reading challenge


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