The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Joseph-Siffred Duplessis: Benjamin Franklin, ca.1785Photograph by Cliff, Creative Commons licensed

Joseph-Siffred Duplessis: Benjamin Franklin, ca.1785
Photograph by Cliff, Creative Commons licensed

Published: 1792

Genre: nonfiction biography

Length: 144 pages

Interest: It was recommended on the blog The Simple Dollar as one of 28 great books you can read for free (see all of his suggestions here). I picked it up as a Kindle book after Mr. Curiosity did a unit study on Benjamin Franklin.

Summary: Franklin tells the story of his adult life. He started out as a printer’s apprentice with his brother. He spent as much time as possible reading and soon wanted more responsibility, which his brother wouldn’t give him. So, Franklin ran off to Philadelphia and started working with printers there. The governor promised to set up his own shop, even sending him to England, but never delivered on his promised. Eventually, Franklin makes his way back to Philadelphia and opens a printing shop. Through diligence, he begins to take business from the established printers and makes friends with influential people in the government. From there, Franklin is asked to take charge of some military action, and then act as an ambassador for colony affairs to England.

Final thoughts: I enjoyed learned about Franklin’s life and life in the early stages of the colonies. I was amazed how many of the important points in early American history that Franklin was involved in.

Title comes from: A description of what the book was about.



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