Starliner by Gordon Donnell

StarlinerPublished: 2003

Genre: science fiction

Length: 186 pages

Setting: far future universe with space travel

Interest: A random book off my Kindle. Unfortunately, I can’t remember why I put it on in the first place.

Summary: Randall Colville is a new second lieutenant on the luxury starliner Empress of Earth. While on board, he does his best to make sure everyone’s stay is enjoyable. That covers everything from dancing with the clan leaders, to foiling the kidnapping of an ambassadors daughter, to preventing the hijacking of the liner. As well as learning a bit about transient passengers, we also keep touching base with a pair of guys who are perpetually bumming drinks off other passengers and telling wild stories.

Final thoughts: A good enough story. Nothing too exciting, but a fun read with enjoyable characters. Ran’s ability to be suave with the ladies was written a bit heavy-handedly, but it didn’t detract too much from the story. The best part was when I found out the two guys telling tall tales were actually telling the truth. They were rich and had actually done all the things they talked about.

Title comes from: The setting is a starliner.


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