Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Published: 2012

Genre: science fiction

Length: 88 pages, 2 hours 8 minutes in audio format

Setting: generic present, Jerusalem for much of the story

Interest: It was offered as a free Audible book for a bit (still is at the time of posting). I picked it up because I’ve enjoyed Sanderson’s Wheel of Time books. I listened to it driving home from Pittsburgh at 4am – the perfect length to get me home.

Summary: Stephan Leeds in known as Legion in the psychiatric community because he hallucinates many “aspects” that appear as different individuals with different skills (new ones created by reading appropriate books) that only he can see. Leeds gets enticed to find a missing engineer who created a camera that can take a picture of a location back in time. The engineer stole the camera and went to Jerusalem to take pictures of Jesus. While there, he is kidnapped by a terrorist cell, and so is Leeds when he comes looking for the engineer. The engineer is killed, but Leeds figures out the secret of the camera so he can track down the person who taught him how to control his aspects and then disappeared ten years ago.

Final thoughts: A fascinating story, with the aspects that only Leeds could see that were generally helpful (although not universally). It really felt like we were dropped into the middle of a bigger story. You get pieces of the back story, a long-term goal that Leeds is working toward, and many aspects, although only a few were featured in the story. It made sense as a stand-alone story, but it would work as part of a longer work that I would certainly read as well.

Title comes from: The main character is nicknamed Legion (after the demon in the Bible) for all the aspects he maintains.

 If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the cover image to follow an Amazon affiliate link to the book and thanks for supporting my blog!


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