Rip the Page! by Karen Benke

Subtitle: Adventures in Creative Writing

Published: 2010

Genre: nonfiction writing

Length: 246 pages

Interest: It was reviewed on another blog (sorry – I read too many to remember which one it was) and looked interesting. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more writing into Mr. Curiosity’s schooling, without being too pendantic and boring. Looking through some of the pages on Amazon (which I would encourage you to do if you’re at all intrigued), it looked like it would fit the bill.

Summary: This isn’t so much a reading book as a doing book (which is why it fits in my Friday review). There are bits to read, but they all set up the chance to do some writing in the book. There are many different activities and sections in the book, usually no more than two pages long. They range from Try This…. sections, which give you the opportunity to stretch your imagination, Word Lists, or varying categories, Definition Decoder, that describes an element of writing, and Suddenly a Story, that presents a paragraph long story about a topic, and then encourages you to write something in the same vein. There are also notes from different writers providing insight into writing. And, of course there are Rip the Page pages that you are really supposed to rip out of the book and do something with.

Final thoughts: Definitely a book you’re going to want to buy new so you can scribble in and tear the pages out yourself. Mr. Curiosity and I have been enjoying it very much. The best thing is, the activities are short, so you can do something every day and not feel overwhelmed. It’s not something you need to start at the beginning and move through page by page, which can also be fun. It’s also something that can be done by multiple ages. I usually participate alongside Mr. Curiosity, and Miss Adventure did one of the activities – I just wrote down the words she said. This is a fun book that encourages creative writing in multiple ages.

Examples from the book: I had to share a couple of examples of the writing in the book. The first Try This…. asks you to think of what you would write with if you could write with anything today. My favorite from Miss Adventure says “I can write with the flying ice from a hockey stick.” My favorites from Mr. Curiosity (they were so awesome, I had a hard time picking just one) were “I can write with the infinite particles that make up the universe” and “I can write with the traces of smoke from the fire of life.”

We also did the acrostic Try This…. Mr. Curiosity decided to do an element theme, including:

Glamor for gold

Often found

Laying unfound

Down in the ground

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2 responses to “Rip the Page! by Karen Benke

  1. I love Rip the Page! I’m so glad you reviewed it. I’ve heard from many homeschoolers who use it as inspiration for writing together, and I think that’s just fantastic. If you want to inspire your kids to write, write with them! I use this book for writing explorations in my writer’s workshops. I appreciate how the ideas are both fun and doable.

    Gosh, I love the examples you shared from your kids’ writing!

    • natalieinne

      The book is certainly a fun and inspiring way to encourage writing, and I have as much fun with the exercises as my son! He blows my mind with his creativity some days, which I just love.

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