Airlords of Han by Philip Frances Nowlan

Published: 1929

Genre: classic science fiction

Length: 86 pages

Setting: U.S., 2400s

Interest: It is the sequel to Armageddon 2419 A.D. that I decided to read, mainly because I’m a bit of a completist. It’s also available free online both at Amazon and Gutenberg.

Summary: Rogers is part of an all out rebellion against the Han Empire. They’ve figured out how to attack and destroy all but the heaviest armored ships and are using inertron rockets to take on the cities. Rogers gets captured and taken to the capital at one point, where he lives among the Hans before escaping and helping to utterly destroy the Hans.

Final thoughts: While the action scenes were fun, and I was amused by the names of their technological devices, Nowlan’s attempts to explain them got tedious. He went into such long-winded explanations (that were nowhere near what we now know is true) that it just got annoying. It is interesting to read some of the early science fiction to see what they thought the future would be like, but I really can’t say much good about the novella. At least it was short.

Title comes from: A phrase used in the book. The people managed to bring down the Airlords of Han with their superior will and technology.


*Sorry this review didn’t come out last night. I had a late night hockey game that prevented my posting, so I’m putting up a Friday night post instead.



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2 responses to “Airlords of Han by Philip Frances Nowlan

  1. The original Amazing Stories publication of the Airlords of Han has an amazing/hilarious cover šŸ˜‰

    • natalieinne

      Thanks for sharing that cover! Since the story wasn’t published as a free-standing novel, I couldn’t find a good picture for the post. That is a most amusing cover that, nevertheless, actually shows action from the story.

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