Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

Published: 1973

Genre: fiction

Length: 776 pages

Setting: Europe during and after WWII

Interest: It was a Time top 100 book.

Summary: The overarching story is about Slothrop and the Nazi’s A4 rockets. Slothrop seemed to have the ability to predict where the rockets would fall in London, so the government puts him under observation and tries to figure out how Slothrop predicts the random rocket falls. Slothrop manages to slip surveillance and starts roaming Europe looking for the mythical S-Gerat 00000. There are many more characters who each get a side plot, but it always comes back to Slothrop and the rockets.

Final thoughts: A weird, highly convoluted book. It was a hard read, but intriguing enough to finish, even if I did read two other novels and three 39 Clues books (which are more novella length) in the midst of the book. The number of characters was huge, and they kept jumping in and out of the story. There was also an amazing amount of songs in the story. It tended to the lewd and erotic in many cases, and was awfully trippy much of the rest of the time.

Title comes from: The rocket makes a rainbow due to gravity when it’s shot off. The title is as trippy as the book.


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