Marcia’s Madness by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Published: 2010

Genre: fantasy

Length: 119 pages

Setting: present day, general suburban area

Interest: It is book five in The Sisters 8 series. I wanted to continue the series, even though I didn’t read books three and four.

Summary: There are eight sisters, each born on the same day, a minute apart. On Christmas Eve, when the sisters are seven, their parents disappear. They find a note that says each sister has a power and a gift. Annie has misplaced the bills. Turns out, Marcia has paid the bills, correctly. The sisters get a new permanent teacher in their class, Mr. McGillicuddy (Mr. McG for short). Marcia drives the Hummer to get groceries, shocking the rest of the sisters because it’s normally Annie’s job. Mr. McG springs a surprise test on everything which Marcia scores the highest on. Next, they find out Marcia’s power – telescopic and X-ray vision so she is able to find out that the Wicket, their evil neighbor, has written a note to social services, telling them the girls are living without parental supervision. The girls call the Pete’s to help them with social services, so they worm their way out of that problem. Turns out, Marcia had seen all the answers to the test with her X-ray vision. Marcia finds her gift, a purple, plaid cloak.

Final thoughts: A very exciting book because of the adventure and tension that springs up. I especially liked the advance planning they did to get them out of trouble with social services.


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