Emerald Sea by John Ringo

Published: 2005

Genre: science fiction

Length: 656 pages

Setting: 36th century Earth

Interest: It’s the second book in the Council Wars series (you can read my review of the first book in the series, There Will Be Dragons). I loved the first book, and was thrilled Emerald Sea was also available as a Baen Free Library book.

Summary: New Destiny (centered in Europe) is trying to invade and take over the United Free States, which would involve naval forces. To assist in the tracking of enemy ships, the UFS wants to enlist the help of the mer. Edmund, Herzer, Daneh, and Rachel head for the Caribbean on a dragon transport ship. There’s some excitement on the way, and New Destiny sends orcas and Changed humans to ensure the mer don’t support the UFS. Between Herzer, the dragons, and Edmund, they fight off the New Destiny forces and secure the assistance of the mer.

Final thoughts: A very enjoyable book that I liked as much as the first one. I love all the modifications of people like the mer and the orcas. We also got some hints that elves are special. The one jarring note was that Bast spoke in pidgin in this book, and I don’t remember her doing so in the first book.

Title comes from: The location of the mer colony.


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