The Little Earth Book by James Bruges

Copyright: 2000-2004

Genre: nonfiction, environmental awareness

Length: 187 pages

Interest: It’s a book I’m using in my Environmental Problem Solving class this term, so I thought I should read it before I assigned it to my students.

Summary: The book is a series of short, stand-alone essays on various topics. The are grouped into general topics, including things like the impacts of climate change, government agencies and policies that lead to environmental degradation and the loss of local control, and problems with industrialized agriculture and science.

Final thoughts: A very thought-provoking book. A little heavy on the WTO and third world debt for my taste, but many of the essays were very informative and will work great as a supplement to my lectures. Not something you want to sit down and read straight through (I was alternating with several other books – in a run of so so books), but in bits and pieces it works well. On a side note, it’s a cute little square book.

Title comes from: The author emphasizes that we only have one Earth to live on, so if we wreck it, there’s nothing to fall back on.


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