There Will Be Dragons by John Ringo

Published: 2004

Genre: science fiction

Length: 752 pages

Setting: 36th century Earth

Interest: I was looking for a fantasy book to read on my Kindle and the title looked promising. This originally came from the free library at Baen books and you can find it here.

Summary: At this point in the future, we have nannites to heal all problems of the human body, a Network to balance energy production and heal the scars caused by humans, and provide teleportation. People dabble in what they enjoy and don’t work much. Some of the Council members stage a coup to force people to work more and have more children, but others on the Council are opposed to the changes. The Council goes to war, shutting down the Network, all the nannites, and teleportation. People have to survive with medieval level technology, when many don’t even have roads leading up to their houses, let alone live in a working city. The people best suited to survival are the Renn Faire reanacters. A society does start to rebuild around a group of reanacters, even having to fend off marauders.

Final thoughts: An excellent book! It had all the parts I like – some interesting science fiction plus historical fiction. Good characters that I enjoyed, although we had some random points of view that didn’t add much to the story. For example, the beginning was mostly about Rachel, while the end focused on Herzer, but I still could hardly put the book down. There were some threads that haven’t been resolved, and I’m looking forward to reading more in the world.

Title comes from: It’s not an obvious one. There were dragons, but they didn’t play a role in the story.

Others to read: Emerald Sea and Against the Tide are set in the same world.


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