World War Z by Max Brooks

Subtitle: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Published: 2006

Genre: science fiction

Length: 342 pages

Setting: near future Earth

Interest: It’s a book I’ve heard really good things about on the ‘net.

Summary: As the subtitle says, the book states it is an oral history of the zombie war, and it’s set up as a series of interviews with people who lived though the recently over Zombie War. The people interviewed came from all over the world and participated in every aspect of the Zombie War. We start out with memories of the early stages of the zombie infestation, and how it spread worldwide. From there, people discuss who was to blame for the rapid spread and lack of response. Eventually, we see the Great Panic, where everyone tries to go somewhere safe, often bring the infection with them. Finally, countries start to mount an effective response to the zombies, leading to containment in many areas and eradication in others.

Final thoughts: A great story that was told in a fascinating manner. Even though we don’t have much of a through narrative, since we keep jumping to someone new who tells a completely different part of the story, it still gives a great outline of what happened and how people responded. If anything, we see more details since we see the event from so many viewpoints. We don’t get all the answers to the story, and really no science to explain the zombies, but the story is so interesting you don’t really care. Brooks could have told a great story from any of the single point-of-views, but instead chose to tell from all of them.

Title comes from: A nice play on World War Three, but since we were fighting zombies, it became World War Z.

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